Happy First Day of Summer! 

Ahhh, Summer! My favourite season! The smell of summer and the feel of warmth in the air makes my heart so happy. I can’t wait to plan some fun day trips!

I can appreciate every season but Summer is my #1.

Here’s why:

-No more feeling cold

-You can wear comfy light clothing

-You have long days and short nights (No more going to work in the dark morning and coming back in the dark early evening)

-Nights are warm enough that you can wear shorts and a light sweater or no sweater at all

– You can wear sun dresses (my fav!)

– And there are tonnes of fun activities to be done like BBQ’s, going to the beach- to get that awesome tan ;), hiking within a beautiful green forests and camping!

-And if you’re also not taking any summer courses- no school!

Summer is just a great time to get out and/or travel! It brings people together ❤️

And the BEST part is when you’re birthday is in Summer :D! (Mine is on July 16th)

Although I’ll be working full time during Summer, I’m still going to enjoy the heck of it! Now if only Vancouver’s current weather (which has been nice lately) would stay consistent.

Anyway, here’s to Summer 2017! May it be a warm and excellent one full of amazing memories!

Don’t forget that sunscreen and bug spray though!

What’s your favourite season and why? 




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