New Series: Server Stories

Alright, here’s my idea. I’m going to start a series called Server Stories that tell an experience that I’ve had during work. It’ll be funny or crazy and I know lots of people have them out there that can relate too.

As a server, I have encountered some pretty awesome people and some really weird or messed up people.

I already have a few stories in my pocket that I remember and I can’t wait to tell you them! Not sure how frequent I’ll have one after but I’ll sure be blogging about it!

Here’s a sneak peak of some titles I have down for a few:

  • Can I Borrow Their Magnifying Glass?
  • Salmon-Loving Man-Child
  • Family Argument vs Family Time

What’s your first reaction to these titles? Let me know! 

Prepare to read some new stories- Coming Soon!

❤️Happy Friday Everyone ❤️



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