The Blind Queen

After the brutal attack in the kingdom of Anaeris, the last princess becomes blind and is sent into exile but after learning how to adapt she then tries to reclaim her rightful throne.



Although I am still working on the world, I cannot stop thinking about this character who is an important person in Äyedem’s history in the future where my other story: Recrudescence takes place.

Here’s a sneak peak!




I remembered it clearly. After all, they were the last visual memories I have in my life before I lost my sight. That day was the worst day of my life.

All was well until I woke up from a nightmare and until today, I know it was a vision. I didn’t know why I was the one to see such a terrible event that was to occur but If I knew it was a vision, I wish I were able to prevent it. I lost everything and everyone I loved.

I remember waking up in sweat and tears while my heart raced out of my body wondering if it all meant something. The only comfort I had in the middle of the night was my cat as I tried so hard to fall asleep again.

“It’s only a dream” I repeated to myself. “It means nothing”.



What did you think about this sample of my story? 

Stay tune for more!


*Note: The cropped featured image is of my own cover design with a picture of myself in it.*



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