Batter Up! Schedule, Writing & Baseball

This week, I finally had pretty relaxed schedule from work. I got some good ole days off that weren’t separated by shifts in between. I had Tuesday, Thursday and Friday off. Apparently, July will be more relaxed when it comes to banquets at work now too. Yay!

And all those rich people will be in their summer homes now wooooooo!

June has been a crazy month when it came to banquets. I am up to here with them!  *point to top of head* They’re great once in a while but everyday is a lot!  My arms and back were hurting agh.

But this week was relaxed though… I had evening shifts (Extra time during the day) and 3 days off – Friday being one of them which was a big surprise for me. And for the weekend?  I work early on Canada day and work in the evening the next day. Score!

On my days off and spare time before work, I have enjoyed: sleeping in and working on my writing/blog which I have kept up with. I even got to hang out with some friends and attended my first baseball game yesterday. Go Vancouver Canadians!


We sang songs, danced, ate good food and cheered!


​They even had a Sushi Race which I thought was hilarious! Soy Sauce won!  I’ really glad I came out for this because I had a lot of fun 🙂

And today: Ladies Night 🍾💃🏽 with two of my new friends who are new to Vancouver ❤️ One of them is Irish and the other is English. One of them is the girlfriend of my boyfriend’s work buddy and the other is the girlfriend of my boyfriend’s other friend but from primary school in Ireland- small world!

They’re great ladies and I can’t wait to spend more time with them this Summer especially with our group of friends when we attend the same events together 😀

After figuring out our work schedules, we finally set a date for a girls night 😀 and I’m excited! Haven’t had these in a loooooong time.

Then there’s my work schedule for next week that just came out. I requested Friday to Monday off last month for my birthday Portland trip with my boyfriend and another couple (The English girl and my BF’s work buddy). I thought for sure I would be working all week until that day but NOPE!

I couldn’t believe my eyes…

Monday off – because no banquets woo! The dining room is also closed on Mondays.

Tuesday- I’m a food runner?  5pm- Closing haha omg what fun 😛  I’m a Server but hey I’ll take it.

Wed- Off  Requested at the last minute due to a personal thing.

Thursday- off because that wouldve been my day of normally I guess?

Then: Vacation till Monday hahahahaha. What a chill schedule!

So Basically, I work this Sat (time and a half woo), Sun & Tuesday. This is going to be an awesome week! 😉 I’m going to start planning some beach time soon again 💁🏻☀️👙

Anyway, thats my life update so far.

In terms of acting: it has been super slow and I haven’t had any auditions this month hence all the working. But I did finally get paid for my first commercial! Yay emergency money!

Speaking of getting paid, today is pay day and since I’ve already paid rent in advance, this cheque is mine. Yay Portland Trip money! Can’t wait!

Do you have any exciting updates? 



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