Wreck Beach

Ahh Wreck Beach. I finally had the pleasure of stepping on the sands of our only nude beach. Suns out buns out- or rather bits out!

So if you want to “hang out with your wang out” this is the place to go. Just know that there’s a lovely staircase to go down first. No, it’s not lovely at all. The view is nice but only when you head down.

This beach is right by UBC. It’s an awesome place to go on hot days and see the sunset.

I had no idea there was a staircase to go down to get to the beach so I was pretty happy to have only brought a small bag with me. As I went down, people were having trouble breathing as they went up. I wasn’t looking forward to that, but I guess it can’t be that bad if lots of people enjoyed going down here.

As I went down with my roommate and boyfriend, we searched for a place to sit as well to see if anyone we knew got there before us. On Canada day, it was packed!

As soon as we got down the stairs we scouted for a spot but I didn’t see anyone naked yet until a minute later I saw 2 girls running happily completely bare like they were in the garden of Eden. Oh, there it is. Here come the naked people. I’ve officially landed on Wreck Beach now.

I’d have to say that the experience was great! And trust me, I was tempted to take my bathing suit top off but I didn’t want to make my roommate uncomfortable. I don’t think he would care but, I’d much rather be naked with my boyfriend when no one I knew was around haha.

Other than that, the ambience was super chill. There was music playing as well as someone playing the drums, food being sold, and lots of people were enjoying the hot sun and just having a good time in a safe comfortable environment. I loved it!

So if you don’t mind a little nudity on the beach, you should definitely check it out! It’s a great beach and the sunsets are spectacular!

Note: You still have to hike up a large staircase that’s crazy steep! It’s a great workout for your calves! There are a couple rest stops on the way too that are helpful though. Everyone knows it’s intense.

Happy Beach bumming!

Have you been to a nude beach? How was your first experience?




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