Portland Birthday Road Trip

Day 1

All four of us drove in the evening after work to go to Seattle. We didn’t hit any traffic which was awesome! Our first stop was Jack in the Box- because we don’t have that in Canada. It was delish! Then we headed to our Hostel in Seattle.

The Hostel was cute and since there were 4 of us, we got the room to ourselves with 4 beds. Of course, us being 2 couples just used 1 bed each haha. Before going to bed, we went downtown to check any bars. We eventually just parked ourselves at a Cute Cocktail Bar then left, got some snacks and went back to the Hostel. We were all just tired and wanted to rest up for the next day.

Day 2

The next day, we explored Seattle, saw the needle and walked around the Market. We got breakfast at a cute restaurant and I’m pretty sure I left my sunglasses there agh!

Anyway, the drive to Portland was next so we went back to the Hostel, got our stuff and drove off.

I somewhat read my book and napped in the car. Being in a truck is a bit snug behind so It wasn’t the comfiest thing ever but I’m small so I put my feet up and curled into a ball and laid on my bag, that was in the middle, for a pillow.

3/4 through the trip, we stopped at a gas station for snacks. Apparently there was heavy traffic since the morning. Some guy came into the gas station store all mad asking “What in the world is happening on the highway?” in a southern accent. I tried to hide my smile. I wasn’t expecting that.

Turns out someone was fatally shot on the I-5 near Lacey who wanted to commit suicide by a cop. Crazy!

After that, we drove to our Air BnB which I had no clue what it was supposed to look like. I wanted it to be a surprise. It turned out to be absolutely beautiful! It was a separate place beside the house which shared the backyard, a hammock, hot tub and it even had a chicken coop! The chickens were adorable.

The air was hot and I loved it. We got our stuff in, and had a few drinks at the patio before heading downtown. We ended up walking quite a bit around downtown, some parks and across a bridge to check out some bars/ restaurants. The view was gorgeous so I took lots of pictures on the way. We even stopped by Voodoo Doughnuts but the line was too long so I just took a picture of the sign instead. Maybe next time!

After having dinner at a restaurant/bar, we ended up meeting up with a friend to show us around and give us some recommendations. In the end, we went to a nearby bar for a bit with her and just chilled there and talked. After that, we went back to the Air BnB and relaxed in the hot tub. Of course, my boyfriend and I being fatties, needed to stop by a Mcdonalds first haha. But it was closed. Only the drive-through was open. The only thing open was a Taco Bell which apparently my boyfriend has never had. I’ve only had it once. It was pretty good though.

Day 3

What a gorgeous morning! We had breakfast and ate outside in the patio while the 7 chickens clucked around the grass. Although they seemed like cats jumping onto the table to eat our eggs. You can’t eat yourselves -sorry!

After that, we headed to the Zoo. I have never been to the Zoo so I was excited. We saw tonnes of animals like Lions, bears, Elephants, Monkeys, Cougars, Fish, Otters and all sorts of birds. I had a blast!

Then we took the Light Rail which was awesome! Portland was beautiful while taking the light rail and after stopping for lunch, we went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) where we explored the inside of a Submarine and then my boyfriend and I went and saw the Pompeii exhibition while the other couple biked on a tandem bike around the park.

After that, we met up and headed to Powell’s Used and New Books store. I couldn’t wait to check this place out. The store was huge! The shelves were so high that I had to ask someone to get something for me and then put it back haha.

I honestly could’ve stayed there for hours but I would’ve spent so much more than I did if I had done that. We all came out with tonnes of books in our hands.

Later on, we went to a Bar that sold pizza nearby and relaxed there for a bit. We found another bar after that but one of our friends had to show his passport (that he didn’t have at the time) since he was under 30 which we though was weird. It looked like a neat place with lots of pool tables. In the end, we just got snacks and drinks, went back to the Air BnB and chilled in the hot tub.

What a fun filled day!

Day 4

Ahh, last day! We cleaned up and packed before 11am to enjoy the last moments in this beautiful house along with the chickens.

After that we headed to a diner for breakfast and drove to Olympia, Washington. We stopped by the Washington State Capitol/ legislative Building. It was huge and gorgeous! The marble and the architecture was spectacular. I took lots of pictures inside and afterwards, we stopped by the gift shop where we got ourselves a couple souvenirs. I got myself a bookmark and a wolf keychain while my boyfriend got himself a couple flags. I think he’s starting a flag collection now hehe.

After that, we headed back to Seattle and tried to avoid traffic around it. Part of the way, we stopped by Popeye’s chicken because we don’t have that in Vancouver, Canada.

Let me tell you: IT IS EVERYTHING I WANTED AND EXPECTED. Why don’t we have that here?

Then we stopped by Burlington near the border to eat at Sonic which we ALSO don’t have. I’m sure I’m a couple pound heavier now haha.

And by 8ish we were finally back home in Canada. The weekend flew by way too fast but I’d like to go again and explore some other parts of Portland again. I really enjoyed walking around town and taking lots of pictures.

Until next time Portland! Thank you for an awesome time 🙂

Have you been to Portland? What do you recommend checking out? 



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